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200×200 minipool adds new aesthetics and creates a unique environment for spa centers. It has anatomic seats to allow users to relax and enjoy its comforts! You can choose one of three versions according to your needs! Minipool 200×200 can be placed in both, indoor and outdoor spaces. . It’s ideal for hotels, gyms, ski centres and even in large residence.



Minipool 200×200 STANDARD
Hydromassage, recycle system, heating, light
(Without coatings, with perimeter galvanized base)

Minipool 200×200 PREMIUM
Standard + airmassage
(Without coatings, with perimeter galvanized base)

Minipool 200×200 DELUXE
Premium + ozone therapy + aromatherapy + chromotherapy + cascate + Automatic water filling system 3/4
(Without coatings, with perimeter galvanized base)


In.touch system (WiFi mobile control)

In.grid system (SPA control with 2 ON/OFF buttons)

Extra button for in.grid system

Titanium Heat Exchanger Bowman

Automatic water filling system 3/4”

Choice of different acrylic sheet color

SPA Vacuum Telsa 50

Water Maintenance KIT

Chromotherapy 12-16 led 12V

Chromotherapy 12-16 led 12V


Synthetic coatings WPC 4 sides

Marine plywood coating with cement mortal finish 4 sides Synthetic step

Thermal insulated cover(charcoal grey)

• Μax power

Max Power Coated
Οptionally enriched with extra reinforcement power coat. Which leads to a lighter, more stable and eco-friendly product. It also isolates heat and sound, reducing significantly the operating costs making our spa perhaps the quietest and safest for your family.