Accessories Spa Minipools

Accessories Spa Minipools

Adjustable jet

Rotary jet

Skimmer filter

Double skimmer filter

Neck Cascate

Digital boards

Digital boards

Heat exchanger

IN.TOUCH system

This system allows you to remotely control the spa, via WiFi.

IN.GRID system

This system allows you to operate the spa with ON/OFF buttons, for an alternative and easier way of use.

Salt Chlorinator

Alternative water disinfection, by salt electrolysis. Upon Request On request

Heat Pump

Heat pumps are an energy efficient heating/ cooling system. (Upon Request)

Thermal cover

The high quality cover is necessary for minipools. It has been designed to conserve heating and energy. It is easily installed and helps protect against deteriorations.

Vacuum cleaner TELSA 50

The Telsa 50 is easy to use and effective, making it the ideal and indispensable tool for maintenance and cleaning your SPA!.

Spa step

It ensures easy and safe access in and out of the minipool.

Water Conservation KIT:

Includes: Algaecide, chlorine in granules, pH minus, bromine tablets 20gr and water tester.


Marine plywood coating with cement mortal finish

PVC colours

WPC synthetic coatings