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Health benefits
The beneficial effect of hammam in human body is mainly caused to muscle relaxation due to stimulation of the circulatory system. A great benefit of hammam is its beneficial effect on skin. The heat stimulates the blood flow and cleanses skin by opening the skin pores and removing dead cells making skin softer and smoother.
It has been proved that hammam is beneficial for people who suffer from sleep disorders ,dry skin, muscle stiffness and for people sensitive to sudden temperature changes. It helps fighting cold and arthritis, it relieves from neurological and seasonal allergies. It contributes in increasing endorphins, hormones that cause the feeling of pleasure .

Hammam cabins
Hammam cabins Wedi Vario cabins are special shower cubicles whose diverse shapes, sizes and equipment options find their niche in any type of bathroom. The range offers the choice of positioning in the corner or to a wall plus different roof configurations. The Vario cabins are supplied without the technical features of the Sanoasa Multicentre range allowing the client to select and equip the cabins to their individual requirements

The sanoasa benches are available in many different designs, meaning that they can be built into almost any seating combination. Whether we are talking about benches or corner constructions, they set the scene in all bathrooms and wellness areas.

•Lots of variety in terms of shape and
•Whole range of different seating and lounger combinations.



100 – 175 light beams with acrylic finishing .


Bucket 200X200X6mm/ 6,7 kg

Hammam door 179x79x8

Steam generators

SAWO steam generators provide top quality and luxury for your steam bath and offer a special experience that is deeply pleasant and satisfying.


It includes fragrance infusion pump and fragrance tank