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Hermes bathtub suitable for 2 persons represents a classic, timeless option that combines elegance wit pleasure.. Hermes 180×80 was created for confined spaces. It can be installed in floor or freestanding with perimeter skirt colour of your choice.


Hermes 180 x 125
Hermes 180 x 115

Synthetic coatings WPC 4 sides
Marine plywood coating with cement mortal finish 4 sides
Front acrylic skirt
Side acrylic skirt
Perimeter galvanized base

Hermes 180 x 80
Front acrylic skirt
Side acrylic skirt
Perimeter galvanized base


In.touch system (WiFi mobile control)

In.grid system (SPA control with 2 ON/OFF buttons)

Extra button for in.grid system

Titanium Heat Exchanger Bowman

Hydromassage turbo no. 1*

Hydromassage turbo no. 2*

Air massage (16 bottom airjet)

Air massage (12 bottom airjet)

Valve 55-65cm in brass (CGS Italy)

White spotlight

Chromotherapy led spotlight (11 colours)

Water level sensor

Τhermal insulated cover (charcoal grey) 180×125 & 180×115

Ozone therapy

Heater 3KW

Automatic water filling system

Recycling system:(Pump, filter, skimmer, heater, spotlight)

Choice of different acrylic sheet color

SPA Vacuum Telsa 50

Water Maintenance KIT

• Μax power

The perimeter galvanized base is included in the hydromassage systems.

Max Power Coated

Οptionally enriched with extra reinforcement that leads to a lighter, more stable and eco-friendly product. It also isolates heat and sound, reducing significantly the operating costs
making our spa perhaps the quietest and safest for your family.